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Introduction about Minecraft:

Minecraft pocket edition is one of the famous video games in the game environment. It is a very thrilling and challenging game which never ends!

Minecraft PE was released on December 19, 2016. by Mojang, who developed the original MineCraft on PC on 18th November 2011 . The latest version of this game is 1.0.2, and then the platform to run this pocket edition is C++. The PE is only available to download on Android & iOS

This Minecraft is initially launched for the Xperia on Google play. Later, it was released for other Android devices. This video game however, is a little bit confusing for beginners, so we at have developed a working hack to help people play for fun!

This article shows you how to crack Minecraft pocket edition in an easy way, and this Minecraft PE hacking guide will be useful to everyone.

The initial view of Minecraft pocket edition:

Most of you don’t know how to start this video game at the start, here are some tips for beginners:

At first, you need to buy the game application correctly. This Minecraft pocket edition is available in all the game markets and then application stores. If you will not be able to purchase the full version of Minecraft Pocket Edition in the market, don’t worry it also comes with a free version. (There are also cracks available online if you look hard enough.)
This free version works as the demo of the full game. This version is same as the real game. With the help of this free version, you can add blocks, build a house and even you can kill the zombies also, but it is temporary.
After entering the game, you have to create a new world for you. Making a new world consists of the two modes; they are called survival mode and then creative mode. You need to kill the monsters. If you want to build a house, collect the items by your own.
In this game, you have a creative world. Here, no monsters are available to kill you. You can build your creative world by your wish and then you can fly also. This is one of the main added advantages of the creative world.
You will see four wooden blocks in crafts; which you chopped from the tree. With the help of the crafting system, you can craft wooden planks.
After that, you will go to the central part of this game (i.e.) mining. In this section, you need proper equipment for mining. If you dig in the cross way, you can get gold, diamonds, iron ore, red stone, and emeralds. Do not dig straight down.
At night time, more monsters will come out, however, monsters will not be able to climb trees. You can stay a night in the tree. Or you can craft swords and bows to kill them if you want!
IPhone/iPod cheats on Minecraft pocket edition:

Here, we discuss the most popular hacks on Minecraft pocket edition on iPhone or iPods. The cheats are as follows,

How to duplicate of items:

If you want to duplicate the items, you need two devices. Those two devices must contain the full version of Minecraft Pocket Edition. If you want to reproduce the chest, select the particular item in two devices at the same time. The process is not done properly; you should repeat the process until your item will be duplicated. Or you can use our hack if you click the big button above this! It will make it so much easier! All you have to do in download that app, and inject into your MCPE App!

How to get diamond:

At first, when you start the game, one dialog box will appear. Here, you can select create world option. This option helps to know about, where to build a crafting table in your world. After you choose the item of seed, enter jpgaming then the game goes to two dig extra. Then you can easily get the iron, stone, wood. If you keep digging continuously, you can get more and more diamonds.

How to cheat diamond, gold, and iron:

This cheats for iPod users. If you want to cheat a lot of diamond, gold, iron and coal, please follow these instructions. At first, you have to create a new world and then after you have to enter the cheat code of iPhone/iPod is 0.40 – check here on how to hack other iphone games!. If you dig straight down of two blocks, you can get iron and coal. Keep these digging deeply; you can get a diamond and gold. If you want to get the diamond and other precious metal, dig four extra blocks.

How to sleep with monsters:

During the day time and night time, many of monsters try to kill you. If you want to sleep with full of monsters, place full of torch light around your bed. Most monsters will not attack at night time. Keep torch around your bed so that you can feel safe to sleep. This cheat is only for Apple products users. If you want to cheat in other devices, you must keep the torch in your hand and then get sleep after that the monster will not disturb you till the sunrise.

Unlimited items in the pocket edition:

You want to duplicate any of the elements in this game; you will need two devices. Connect your full version of Minecraft Pocket Edition to the other devices. Before you connect this application to other devices, keep in mind, you need more chests. If other devices get the chest, you will be disconnected. After that, wait five more seconds then go to the server. Here, you can able to see the multiplayer option, double tap on that. Then go back to the game there you’ll have extra unlimited of the chests in it.

How to get double doors:

If you insert double door to your house, you will be safe from harmful monsters. Place the door downwards and break the half of the door without any damage on the upper part. Handle the door carefully and then start breaking the bottom region of the door. Instantly, you will get more than two doors.

How to get infinite doors:

You have a glitch option in this game. This glitch is used to make an unlimited door. Making an infinite door is not difficult; you can easily gat the infinite door within a minute with the help of this glitch. Place this glitch where you want infinite doors in your house, and you can get many doors. After successful completion of endless doors, delete this glitch. Pick two more doors for safety. You can use it in urgent mode.


If you want to set the block correctly, press the duplicate down button. After pressing the copy button, suddenly you might exit on the Minecraft pocket edition game, and again if you want to enter into the game, double tap home button, it will be available on your iPod. Place your Minecraft app on the little screen of iPod. Stay here until this screen deletes your history. After that, go back to your game and then go into your creative world then start playing.

Unlimited cheats of health, items and god mode:

This Minecraft pocket edition is one of the thriller games in the overall game environment. It contains a lot of monsters they are trying to kill you. The main theme of this game is that you must escape from the monsters. Simultaneously, you have to gain more gold, diamonds, emeralds, etc. This game supports all operating systems and iOS.

In iPod, go to the settings, there you can find Minecraft pocket edition hacks. This option enables all Minecraft cheat features. The following steps describes Minecraft pocket edition hacks,

At first, open the Minecraft pocket edition and then start the new game or if you already played in this game, load that one.
In windows, you have an option of cheat engine. And in the Linux, you will see the game conqueror. Choose any of the operating systems which you like to open in your game.
In this operating system, you will see the bottom of the file called javaw.exe. Run this file and finally you will get 3 and more block in your world.
If you want to increase the items, take a new search for increasing the quantity. There you can get one extra item. For every search, you can drop extra items. If you need to change the quantity, it doesn’t matter but one thing you will do, double click the value in the search bar. It occurs in the bottom pane and then enters whatever value you want but don’t enter the value not more than 65000.
If you want to change the type of the item, you must browse the type of item in the memory region; there you can get a new entry of item.
If you want to change the block type, follow these instructions. During the time you change the block, you might pause your game, why because the memory of this game will be refreshed and it will record the changes of block types. The changed block will obtain only when you were resuming your game.
The above instructions are working only in Linux operating system. If you have downloaded the standalone, use minecraft.exe and then follow the same instructions to change block, item, and type.

Minecraft PE cheats:

Minecraft PE cheats helps to boost your game performance level and then beginners can feel a little bit easy to play. Some important Minecraft pocket edition cheats are as follows,

Health cheats:

Health is more important for one, those who played in this game. If you want to cheat this health, don’t worry it is very easy to hack without any wounds. Now, the game is going on the process. You are traveling from nether to over the world, or it reverses from over the world to nether. In that time, you must freeze your value and then move to the address bar. You can find this address bar, where your HP is stored.

During the game, any of the things will fall or damaged. At that time, you have to reload your game unless you will be dead. If you have an older version of this game, you must update. Then only you can get vanilla cheats. This cheat is added for the upgrade process.

The original version of the vanilla cheats is very difficult. You may install if your server allows the duplicate version of this vanilla cheats.
How to break the tools:

If you want to break the tools, use the command /give @p diamond _sword, here the Diamond is the name of the item. If you want to break any of the items, replace the name of the item whatever you want and then remaining commands are same.

The unbreakable tool is one of the tools that are used to break the tools of Minecraft pocket edition. The changes are done only by using the inventory editor. Select the tool whatever you want and then use the negative number to break the tool.

Block changing:

If you want to change the already placed block, you need to find in which block you want to make changes. “Set block commands” are very effective. The process of changing block is too much faster if you use this set block command.

Minecraft PE hacks:

Here, you will see about the Minecraft PE hacks,

Start your new game; you will get the landscape in digital mode. In that landscape, you should plant some tree at first. For the crafting work, little bit materials only you used. Quickly do your crafting work at the day time, doing the craft work at night time seems difficult. May be darkness leads to some damage.
You must create the first set of tools in crafts. Before you start the game, check the tools are correctly set or not. At first, you have to place some wooden tools like the wooden axe, pickaxe; it is used to break down the rocks and then wooden shovel. Why because axes help to cut the wood faster than other items.
You must construct your house in the middle of the structures of the creative world. Before constructing the block, make sure you can see the other block easily or not. Every block is attached to each other due to a law of gravity.
Some of the common tips for beginners:

Minecraft pocket edition is a 3D game, so it drains your battery faster. Before you start this game, check your battery is fully charged or not.
Use controls before you play this game on servers. Why because it helps to mine your block easily when comparing to torchlights.
If you want to drop the item, at first, you must tap and then hold the item on the hot bar.
In this game, you have two mobs they are, hostile and non-hostile mobs. If you are a beginner, you must know the difference between these mobs. The hostile mobs are following what instruction you are giving, but nonhostile mobs are not considering your instructions they ignore you.
As I said before, health is more important to play this game. Make sure at every time; you have enough health or not and then you must know how to apply the armor. Why because armor is presenting next to the crafting table in the inventory screen.
If you feel frustrated by hostile mobs, turn your game on peaceful mode, so you will get peaceful on this game.
Installation of MCPE for android:

Here, we can see how to install Minecraft pocket edition in Android devices,

If you want to install MCPE on your Android devices, you need to download the app called block launcher. You can install this game through this interface only.


The above instructions are very useful to those who want to hack this game. I hope this is a proper guide to hacking the Minecraft pocket edition. This game is very comfortable to run on all operating systems like Windows, Linux, and iOS. Read the above instructions carefully and follow in a proper way for better hacking of this game.

Android/iOS/PC Download