MCPE Hacking Guide

Minecraft pocket edition is one of the most popular video games in the game environment. This game can able to run on the platform of android, iOS, windows 10, windows, and Firefox OS. It was released on the date of 16 august, 2011.

Normally, most of the video games in the market are released with single player but this Minecraft pocket edition will allow you to play with multiplayer also. This video game comes with 6 types of gameplay mode such as survival mode, hardcore mode, creative mode, adventure mode, spectator mode, and multiplayer. Through this article, we have to discuss Minecraft pocket edition hacking guide.

Tips and tricks to hack the Minecraft pocket edition:

If you want to hack your Minecraft pocket edition game, then follow the tips and tricks properly.

  1. Download the App First


Normally, the zombies in the game will try to attack you. In the beginning of the game, you don’t have any weapon to attack the zombies so you can use fences as a door to your house.

If you are using the fence as a door, the zombies can’t able to enter your house but you can kill or attack them easily. This is one of the excellent ways to kill the zombies indirectly.

  1. How to duplicate the items?

The people those who want to duplicate the items in the Minecraft pocket edition they should have two devices. If you want to duplicate the items, then you should download the full version of Minecraft pocket edition both of the devices.

And, select the particular item which you want to duplicate then run both of the devices simultaneously. If the process is not done properly, then you should repeat the process again.

  1. Sleep with monsters:

Actually, monsters in the game are tried to kill you at all time. It is very tough to escape from the monsters. At the night time, lots of zombies will try to attack you when comparing to the day time.

If you want to sleep with the monster, then place the torch light around your bed so the monsters can’t able to attack at the whole night.

  1. Get infinite doors:

In this game, you should build your own house to save your life so you need to place the door on your house. With the help of placing the door, you can able to stop the monster at night time. If you want to place infinite door, then go to the glitch option in your game.

After finding the glitch option, place it where you want to get an infinite door then wait few minutes to complete the process. Within 2 minutes of time, you can easily place the door wherever you want.

  1. Cheat the diamond, gold, and iron:

The main motive of this game is, you should collect the lots of diamonds, gold, and iron but it seems very difficult why because, at that time, the zombies will try to attack you. If you want to get the more and more diamonds, then you should again create a new world.

After creating a new world, you should dig straight down 3 blocks into the surface so you can collect more diamonds. If you are digging, 4 and more blocks, you can able to collect the gold and iron easily.

  1. Double doors:

If you want to place the door as double in front of your house, then break the original door as double. The door can easily damage so you should handle it properly while you breaking it.

After completion of the breaking process, you can instantly get the double door in front of your house.

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